And the new Girls Aloud B-side…

…Is mediocre. That’s what I thought after listening to the b-side “It’s Your Dynamite” for the first time as a whole song. After listening to the 30-second cliff hanger from Digital Spy last week, I’m actually thrilled to hear this. Fortunately, when the full song leaked I came to knowing that I somehow find it mediocre. Then I happen to love it now for some reason. Not really love but the term “like” is much okay.

After playing the song for quite like 5 times, I happen to like it a lot. Honestly, I am able to get the hype of the song for some reason. It’s chorus is somehow infectious and actually another song that should’ve been in the “Out of Control” album. I am somehow disappointed with the b-sides because they’re (She, Memory of You, It’s Your Dynamite) are somehow more credible in making as an album track instead of a cutesy b-side that probably no one would ever listen (legally) unless you buy the CD single, which consists (Untouchabloe (Single Version) and It’s Your Dynamite) in a costly CD (that’s actually around £2 right?).

The B-sides are somehow overthrown in the shadow because a fewer people are now buying the actual CD single as the digital online music stores are tremendously taking over the CD industry. Having said it’s brilliance, “IYD” isn’t as new to our ears. It’s somehow probably seating in the middle of “The Show” and some other tracks they’ve done in the past (Sound of GA era). Anyways, here’s the B-side. Tell me if you like it.

I just hope “Untouchable” gets the right promotion for it to land in the top 10 again. It’s an amazing song and doesn’t deserve “FLOPSVILLE” at all. (credit to OlgaLovesYuri).

“It’s Your Dynamite, Keep Sinking You’ll float a lie…” – awesome lyrics.





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3 responses to “And the new Girls Aloud B-side…

  1. John

    It’s good. I mean, there’s a reason it’s a B-side, but I like it.

  2. Paul

    i like it too. i bloody better after i shelled out all that moolah on their overpriced singles boxset. BTW I think Smash HIts invented FLOPSVILLE in the 80s 🙂

  3. Yuяi

    Paul, don’t be stealing my glory… LOL. I never did read Smash Hits, so I can’t credit them. Anyways, thanks Ken for the shout-out. Nice post and a good GA song. 🙂

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