I wanna make you feel alright. Updates.

Little Boots – New In Town

Alas. The video to Little Boots‘ single “New In Town” has arrived. The concept to the video is amazin’. Little boots walkin’ around some slum area. It really complements the track and it’s a wonderful video.

The weekly updates is back and I’m happy about it.

  • Album of the WEEK belongs to “The Noisettes” with “Wild Young Hearts“. I finished cracking up the review last weekend and I’m happy about the album. I’m having a lot of thoughts about the album but then it came to me that it was a brillo album. Watch out for the post sometime this week.
  • Single of the WEEK belongs to my favourite group of girls ever, Girls Aloud with their 21st single, “Untouchable“. And yeah, the CD single is out yesterday (April 27) so UK fans, be sure to buy it.
  • The GA box is one thing that I’ve ever liked more than anything right now. Unfortunately, I can’t buy the box set because I need to have a credit card in order for me to buy it. Another reason is that it’s only available for 5000 sets so by the time I order it, it’ll be sold out. For those who doesn’t know what the Girls Aloud Box Set is click HERE.
  • More single reviews this week are lined up including the new single of Lily Allen, Daniel Merriweather, Marmaduke Duke and some random tracks I happen to like so stay tune. Hopefully, I don’t get lazy again.
  • If something comes up, I’ll let you know.
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