Single Review: Lily Allen – "Not Fair"

I know, I know. I should’ve done this a long time ago right?

Watching the first 10 seconds of the official video of “Not Fair” I was actually thinking it was just Justify Fulla fan made video in which he/she inserted a very old clip of a TV show in the 50’s. After hearing the announcer saying Lily Allen’s name, I wasn’t shocked. I didn’t expect that the song would have that kind of video but I wasn’t surprised at all. “Not fair” really has a definite vintage feel about it and it’s undeniable.

“Not fair” if you don’t know, is the second single from Lily Allen’s sophomore album, “It’s Not Me, It’s you”. It has already charted inside the top 10 of the UK singles chart even before a May 11, 2009 official single release. “Not fair” has quite gained its popularity when the video was released as it entered the top 40 about a month ago. It’s quite impressive for Lily as she still has the song with the longest stay at #1 in the UK charts so far this year with “The Fear” which charted for an amazing 5 weeks at #1.

Having said of all those accolades, “Not Fair” is clearly going to be in the top 5 when it is released for sure. Lily’s accentuated and soft vocals just caress the song with ease. The song is absolutely suited for a repeat mode on everyone’s iPod / music player. Obviously, Lily is known in having a bit of flare in her lyrics thus the song has been censored / altered in a way that it will not be a problem for radio stations to play. The deleted lyrics are somehow naughty, “I lie here in the wet patch in the middle of the bed, I’m feeling pretty done well done by I’d spent ages giving head” – Quite provocative eh? Having said that, “Not Fair” is still a giddy song without those incitive lyrics. It’s a nice follow-up to “The Fear” although there are a lot of songs in “INMIY” which would’ve probably been a nice second single.


RELEASE: May 11, 2009

1. Not Fair (Clean Radio Edit)



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2 responses to “Single Review: Lily Allen – "Not Fair"

  1. Paul

    Yay. I’m so pleased it’s doing so well. great choice for single, though i was surprised when it was first announced. I’m hoping for Everyone’s At It and Who’d HAve Known for the next couple of singles. The latter is so pretty

  2. Ken

    Yeah. Me too. I’m quite surprised about the single selection. Who’d have known is one of the better tracks in the album. Like it.

    For me, the potential singles are: Who’d Have Known and 22. Love love.

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