Single Review: Pixie Lott – "Mama Do"

Pixie Lott is one of those talents that I can’t believe I didn’t know until recent. For those who assume that Pixie is some British blonde that just racks up the stacks with pretty lame pop songs, you’re definitely wrong. She has an enigmatic voice that ranks her to the other British female superstar’s likes of Natasha Bedingfield, Leona Lewis and Adele. This 18 year-old from Essex is surely one of the many acts to watch out this year.

“Mama Do” ventures into the soulful beats of Duffy and Amy Winehouse. It tackles about a pretty common situation: What would Pixie’s mom reaction would be when they found out about her boyfriend. Wait. What would you expect from a teenage girl to sing about? It’s so lame when teenage singers tend to sing about mature issues. They’re just making themselves a lot older than they are. Although some are successful in doing that, some are not.

“Mama Do” is eclectic, fresh and very girly in a positive way. Pixie does have a big voice and an incredible high range which is evidently shown a throughout the song. Its soulful vibe and clap-along hype definitely contemplates the track. Pixie shows a lot of soul in the whole record and it really compliments her identity as a singer. Overall, “Mama Do” is a nice introduction to the public about what her music is all about and what will the expectation be for this girl. And yeah, she’s a breath of fresh air isn’t she?

Watch out for the release of Pixie Lott’s debut album later this year (September 2009 release). In the meantime, catch the single when it’s out in UK music stores.


RELEASED: June 8, 2009

1. Mama Do
2. Want You



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5 responses to “Single Review: Pixie Lott – "Mama Do"

  1. Paul

    i’m having Little Boots syndrome with Pixie. With Little boots i loved her, got bored with her and now love her even more. I am on the “bored” stage with Pixie but i expect the closer her single release gets the more i will re-fall in love with her. Check out her version of Never Forget on youtube!

  2. Nikki


    Agreed, she does sing her age but it’s not any of the lame Disney crap that wouldn’t match her voice at all. hmmm.

  3. Ken

    Re Paul: I didn’t have that for Pixie but I think I’ll do after I get over with Mama Do. But I’ll try not to. Haha.

    Seen the “Never Forget” cover already. Pure brillo. Love her.

  4. Ken

    Re Nikki: Yeah, she’s just pure brilliance! She should be big! I hope so.

  5. Anonymous

    Amazing talent, just love her. A great song writer, dancer and singer and beautiful with it!

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