Album of the Week: Noisettes – "Wild Young Hearts"

“Don’t Upset The Rhythm” might be one of the biggest songs that never made #1 so far this year and this quite set the bar high for these London trio, “Noisettes” lead by the marvellous Shingai Shoniwa. Grabbing their first ever top 10 hit, The Noisettes are on their way to become one of the most promising indie bands to ever grace the British music spotlight.

“Wild Young Hearts” is the second album produced by three-piece band lead by Shingai Shoniwa (vocals), Jamie Morrison (drums), and Dan Smith (guitars) following their debut that never made the spotlight, “What Time Is It, Mr. Wolf?”. It’s a collection of the band’s materials that evolved around with a mix of jazz, soul, rock and pop. To be honest with you, I’m quite on the precipice of being disappointed when I first heard the album. I was expecting more tracks that follow “Don’t Upset the Rhythm”. But after a good listening session to the album, I was able to appreciate every inch of it and eventually appreciating the musicality of the Noisettes as a whole.

The album opens in the sweet acoustic track titled “Sometimes”. It’s a subtle, guitar flavoured track that gives a little hint of what the album is all about. It’s not that spectacular or anything but it’s a decent choice as an opener track. It’s sweet, alluring guitar riffs are an absolute treat to the senses and makes you want to listen to the album more.

Followed by the ambitious, “Don’t Upset the Rhythm”, the title track “Wild Young Hearts” is a clap-along track. It’s a little bit heavy compared to the other tracks in the album as it’s flavoured with a little bit of everything from electric guitars, piano flicks and the energetic drums. Even more, the vocals of Shingai merely makes the track one of the best so far.

Another track that caught my attention (although all of them did) is “Every Now and Then” which somehow engages Shoniwa’s eclectic vocals to the likes of Duffy and Adele. The track could pass as a left-over track by the latter. Having said that, its emotion is still intact and appealing with melancholic bits complementing the whole track.

“Beat of My Heart” is somehow the closest track to the infamous “Don’t Upset the Rhythm”. Its 80’s rock feel infused with modern elements is quite as impressive as “DUTR” is. Its playful guitar twists and some synth flecks are quite enjoyable and in total make the track as much as likable as the other does. It practically shows The Noisettes’ creativity and a little more of artistry.

Aside from slow, melancholic and subtle tracks, “WYH” also has a variety of fast-paced, jittery anthems. The tracks “So Complicated” and “Saturday Night” are the finest examples of this.

Over-all having said all of its impressive bits, “Wild Young Hearts” isn’t the finest of all. There are some points to improve on and it definitely isn’t something that hasn’t been done before but yet something that has been done before but filled with a lot more excitement and little more zeal that could make this as one of the most enjoyable albums from start to finish.

RELEASED: April 20, 2009


STAND-OUT TRACKS: “Don’t Upset The Rhythm”, “Wild Young Hearts”, “Sometimes”



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  1. J.Mensah

    Lovin’ the new layout!

    I loved “Rhythm” but I wasn’t planning on giving the album a listen, but if you like it – i’m definitely going to.

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