Everynight I go sneaking out the door. [Updates]

Hey hey, I’m back after a 4-day hiatus. I’m kind of getting lazy and at the same time being busy with my “job” and attending family matters. As much as I hate it, I kind of like it. LOL.


  • As you all know, Girls Aloud’s 21st single “Untouchable” became “Untouchabloe” this week after jumping to #11 with their latest single. Personally, I absolutely don’t care if they’re just outside the top 10. I believe that they’ve already shown their prowess as a girl group and having their 21st single go inside the top 10 is just another icing in the cake. Anyhow, they have a massive tour now, what else would be more exciting than having the time of their lives right? LOL.
  • Ironik’s “Tiny Dancer” is creeping up on me. As much as I would like to not like it, I’m getting used to it right now. I’m loving the whole vibe. It’s a great catch for a #3 song right?
  • Pixie Lott’s songs are leaking over the internet now. And her album isn’t out until September. Maybe the ones that are leaking are somehow demos or not even included in her album. This is a new one titled “Boys and Girls” and is somehow a lost Sugababes track that might or should’ve been on “Catfights and Spotlights”:

  • Watch out for some reviews that are lined up for the week including some Daniel Merriweather, Marmaduke Duke and an album review that I’ve been waiting to rant for the past few days.. And… I’m too lazy to post. Haha.


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3 responses to “Everynight I go sneaking out the door. [Updates]

  1. John

    Um, what munchie said?

    Y’all are killin’ me with the love for Ironik. I thought I had that track all figured out, and now I have to reassess. I’m okay with the original version I heard on YouTube, so maybe I’ll just leave it at that.

  2. Paul

    Detest Ironik. I think part of it is the spelling. And part of it is the fact i love the elton john original! I’m with you on Girls Aloud. Who cares?!

  3. Ken

    Re: John

    I have no idea. LOL
    Me too, I don’t know why I’m liking this track now. Weird.

    Re: Paul

    I just heard the Elton John original and I’m liking the track better than Ironik.

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