Daniel Merriweather – "Red"

Australian crooner Daniel Merriweather is back and ready for the release of his debut UK album, “Love & War” which hits stores this May. But before he does that, he releases “Red” his second single from his debut album following the release of his UK top 10 hit, “Change” back in February. Will this prove another top 10 hit for him? We’re all to find out the answers when the track hits the stores May 18.

“Red” are somehow a shift and a very different track from “Change”. The guitar-intro impresses us with a nice hum and evolves into something rock flavoured with violin strings playing in the background. It’s an emotional track that catches every emotion of everybody who hears it. It’s somehow about being “perfect” as Daniel sings, “It took something perfect, to paint it red”. Along with the impressive arrangement, Daniel’s soulful, raspy vocals ventures into the whole track making it one of his finest, as far as we’re concerned. It’s an effortless performance that gives him a bit of edge and shows his musicality in another sense. Although he could use some falsettos to make it a little bit sweeter, “Red” is purely enough as he sang it. It’s really one of the better tracks in his debut album and it’s a possible hit breaking away from current chart toppers.

RELEASE: May 18, 2009


1. Red




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3 responses to “Daniel Merriweather – "Red"

  1. Paul

    I am entirely unconvinced by DAniel, much as i am by Adele. I know both of them have worthy voices and worthy songs, but there is something about them that’s just not for me 😦

  2. Ken

    Yeah. everybody has their own tastes when it comes to such artists. and they can’t truly please everybody.

  3. J.Mensah

    I really like this. I haven’t paid attention to his previous stuff. Hopefully his albums good.

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