Gary Go – "Open Arms"

Gary Go didn’t quite made an impression as expected when his debut single “Wonderful” peaked at a disappointing #23 in the UK Singles Charts when it was released earlier this year. After supporting big hitters “The Script” in their European tour, Gary Go is also set to support Brit legends “Take That” on their upcoming tour this year. Maybe with his live shows, People are going to know that Gary Go is a solo singer not just a copycat of today’s major rock/alternative bands such as The Fray, Coldplay etc.

“Open Arms” didn’t quite go the distance compared to “Wonderful”. It somehow has a similar sound to his debut and with pretty much the same arrangements. Big chorus, subtle verses – these are what we usually hear from such artists. I’m now wondering what Gary Go would be sounding like in his first album. Will we continue to hear as same arrangements or something that sound like his first 2 offerings? That will have wait until the release of his debut LP.

RELEASE: May 11, 2009


1. Open Arms
2. Take Back The Words

and check out this performance, a cover of Lady GaGa’s “Just Dance” on The Sun Sessions:



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4 responses to “Gary Go – "Open Arms"

  1. Di

    Gary Go is great – I really like his voice. I’ve heard a sampler of the album and I think it’s worth waiting for, it’s out on the 25th May in the UK 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Gary is without doubt the most talented song writer to come out of the UK in years! His songs will become classics…
    Looking forward to this album and the next…

  3. Anonymous

    I think this stuff is rubbish. It’s contrived, obvious and sung in a pastiche “Phil Collins/Sting” pseudo american accent.

    It’s passe and not relevant.

    Gary Go Home…..

  4. Patty

    I think his songs are intelligent and relevant and if you listen to the lyrics, they are about life subjects that a lot of other pop music is not about.

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