Okay. This made me slightly happy today. + a new Shakira song

I repeat. Slightly happy. Doesn’t mean that I’m ecstatic or overwhelmed with it. Mika has a new EP called “Songs of Sorrow”. The EP will be released on May 25th on his website. The tracks that leaked are called “Lady Jane” and “Lonely Alcoholic”.
Hearing “Lady Jane” was quite disturbing. Well, at first listen yes. Because I’m too fond of Mika’s previous offerings which includes jittery anthems, eccentricity and absolutely pure pop. Now, this EP, “Songs of Sorrow” suddenly becomes melancholic and yeah, I guess the title says it all. The first two songs that leaked are all piano played and very subtle. If I’m going to close my eyes, I’m absolutely not thinking of Mika at all. Even though the voice still describes him, I’m not able to associate Mika’s personality on both songs. It’s very dark and very jazzy and kind of singer-songwriter feel. I just hope his next album, which is reportedly to be released this September of 2009 will be kind of the same (well not exactly equally the same but with a little bit more evolution of his musical style but yet still “Mika” flavoured.)
Here are the songs (listen):

And plus, I just saw 2 TheSaturdays’ videos on our local music television channels. I saw
“Up” and “Just Can’t Get Enough”. I think we’ve finally known how brilliant these British girls are. And the CD? Yeah. I’m saving for it, but If I saw a Girls Aloud CD on sale, I’d probably forget about buying “Chasing Lights”. LOL. I’m still hoping for Girls Aloud to have at least a little bit of recognition here.
and plus, a new Shakira song has surfaced, It’s titled “The Border” and it features Wyclef Jean and is produced by Timbaland. Listen to the song HERE:

what do you think?


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One response to “Okay. This made me slightly happy today. + a new Shakira song

  1. Paul

    Apparently there is a song called Toy Boy on the EP which is very disney ballad sounding with dark lyrics – sounds great. And there are some great pop belters on the upcoming album so that’s good 😉

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