Walk Away From Something That Is Dead.

I know, I know. La Roux’s third single “Bulletproof” has been blogged almost every music blog that I know of (not literally). After her smash single “In For The Kill”, which is still being sandwiched by Tinchy and Ironik in the singles charts, La Roux, is releasing the third single on June which will precide over the highly anticipated debut album which will be in stores on June 29.

I still don’t know why I think La Roux is a one-woman affair. I just knew it was Elly Jackson and nobody else. Even though they’re a duo, the other “man” involved in the duo is never seen (music video-wise). “Bulletproof” is proving to be an another hit for the duo. It somehow doesn’t sound like “In For The Kill” which really reminded me of “Quicksand”, their first single released in December 2008. The video is shown above.

Speaking of the video, I absolutely like this one a million mile better than “In For The Kill” vid. It somehow reminds me of the concept of Robyn’s “With Every Heart Beat” but with a lot more transitions and colours scattered all over the video. Even though I liked the concept, Elly’s make up is hedious. The colours in her face makes her look like very angsty and pretty much outraged by something. Although the colours are brilliant and absolutely compliments every scene in the video, I really find it somehow annoying. The video in totality was a success and very much indicates upcoming success for these London based duo. I’m really looking forward to a summer electronic affair between Little Boots and La Roux.

Here is the official single cover of “Bulletproof”:




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3 responses to “Walk Away From Something That Is Dead.

  1. rcLoy

    She’s good. In for the kill is such a jam. Love it. but how come no one is talking about sophie’s heartbreak makes me a dancer? I absolutely love it. dont throw out the old just bcos d new one are here. lol

  2. Ken

    Not really. I love that song but I think it’s too early to rant about it. Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer) is a definite hit.

  3. Yuяi

    Love love love this song. It’s bound to be a Top 5-er for Elly and her keyboardist!

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