5 Reasons Why Everybody Should Think That Jordin Sparks’ new single is amazing.

Okay, I got the idea from the lovely PJ here. Jordin Sparks’ new single “Battlefield” leaked earlier yesterday and was the talk of the blogosphere for the past 24-48 hours. Fortunately, our resources brought us the new song which is co-written by “Bleeding Love” composer and “OneRepublic” front man, Ryan Tedder.

Well, here are the 5 reasons out of 1000 why everybody should think that the lovely Jordin’s single is “Amazing”.

>> Well, it’s written by the amazing Ryan Tedder. Which I found very interesting as it seemingly categorises to the like of “Bleeding Love” and “Halo” but not really.

>> Even though I might find it a little bit signature Ryan Tedder, I find the song very strong, emotional and absolutely worthy of a top 3 or #1 finish when it is released. In short, a #1 single potential.

>> It’s beat and chorus is irresistible and absolutely fascinating.

>> Jordin’s lovely voice and absolutely bubbly personality contemplates to the strong emotion of the whole song. And I wouldn’t want somebody else singing this song.

>> Well, it’s purely amazing. Deal with it.

So, the single is now out on iTunes USA. She is set to perform the single on the top 3 results show on May 13, 2009. The single is also set to be released in the UK on June 22, 2009.




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3 responses to “5 Reasons Why Everybody Should Think That Jordin Sparks’ new single is amazing.

  1. Paul

    i’m bored of it now 😦

  2. ww_adh

    I was surprised to learn that this is written by Ryan Tedder, as it does sound different. His Kelly Clarkson track “Already Gone” is so clearly HIM, but this isn’t. Glad to know he’s not a one-trick pony.

  3. Nikki

    Sorry – it’s nothing special for me.

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