Why Leighton Meester would be a good pop singer.

Yeah. Everybody was like, “okay” when she was signed to a recording label to make some music. Apparently, Leighton wasn’t the first and lone musician among the “Gossip Girl” cast. Of course, we know that Ed Westwick belonged to a band back in England. Well his band is kind of in an “unknown” status and never had a single or album charted back in the UK.

Another one is Taylor Momsen. The fifteen-year old is off singing with her band “Pretty Reckless” with a jittery rock song called “I Really F***** Love You” which is like 21 minutes if you already heard it. Well, she has the potential but I quite am not sure about her being a singer. Did I tell you if you’d close your eyes and hear the record you’d thought she was British.

Okay, back to Leighton. Earlier on April a song called “Birthday” was leaked onto the Perez Hilton website. It’s a 2 minute electro-rock affair which sounded like something “The Yeah Yeah Yeahs” would do. Anyways, it wasn’t an amazing track but it’s convincing enough for us to think that she really can become a singer.

Recently, Leighton had collaboration with Indie electro-rock band “Cobra Starship” which I wouldn’t probably know until Leighton did a song with them. Although they’re somehow indie, I’m kind of impressed with the record. It sounded like a lost track from “that Kevin Rudolf” album that I really don’t remember the title. Anyways, Leighton’s contribution to the record is quite impressive and I’m happy that she didn’t only make a verse or some background vocals to the record. It’s a pretty descent record with all of its electronic and rock flicks that somehow passes many listeners’ musical tastes.

I’m with everybody who thinks that Leighton’s debut album will be a treat. 🙂


and yeah. Just a rant. I fffuuuffucking hate “American Idol”. Thanks for givin me the opportunity to do that. 🙂 You know what I’m talking about.


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