Single Review: Little Boots – "New In Town"

She won the BBC Online Poll for the new music artists to watch out this year. Obviously, she’s proving it to be worthy of the triumph. Blackpool electro pop singer, Little Boots makes use of her resources efficiently. With her Japanese out-of-this world instrument “Tenori-On”, Little Boots a.k.a Victoria Hesketh is proving to be one of the most talked-about British girls these past few months. Of course, if you don’t know her, you have to check out some of her YouTube viddies which includes her electro-pop take on Girls Aloud’s “Sexy No No No…” and the recent Sugababes cover “Overload”. You’d never thought these songs would sound so great even as if they were just covered.

Anyways, after giving us robo-pop anthems such as stuck on Repeat for her first official single, Little Boots gives us an another electro-pop panache. With its impressive synthesisers, dramatic drums and basses LB talks about being a companion for a new comer. It’s quite ironic because she’s the new comer and she should’ve ranted about her emergence in the music scene instead of someone else’s. Surprisingly, “New In Town” is a real-stunner. It doesn’t sound a bubblegum electro-pop anthem that sounded like a mash-up of different songs that come alike in the category. “New in Town” never failed to give that “oomph” factor and it really is begging for you to hear it.

The video isn’t bad either. Little Boots wandering around the slum streets of Los Angeles, it’s a pleasure to see that.

And yeah. I’m excited over the La Roux vs. Little Boots affair this Summer. Hopefully, it’ll be a head-to-head greatness and the world will be filled with electro-pop goodness.


RELEASED: May 25, 2009

1. New In Town



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2 responses to “Single Review: Little Boots – "New In Town"

  1. Paul

    Oh it’s just too gorgeous and delicious for words. And very likely to knock Marina and the Diamonds from the top of my chart this sunday. Unless Elouise debuts v v high, which is a possibility – you should check her out 😛

  2. Yuяi

    I can’t wait to hear her duet with Phil Oakey of the Human League, “Symmetry”. Should be awesome. I love this single as well.

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