Single Review: Alesha Dixon – "Let’s Get Excited"

This single was supposed to be made as a single post but I got bored about writing so I’ll keep this short. “Let’s Get Excited” was a personal favourite of mine off the album “The Alesha Show”. It captures the hype of the first single, “The Boy Does Nothing” which peaked in the top 5 last year. It’s a party song, filled with electro pop cuts, jittery beats and an absolutely stimulating message. Its hype is pretty infectious and can get you into dancing in no time. Yet it’s another ace from Alesha and is in sure way of getting up in the charts and I’m guessing of another top 3 finish for this song. So far, everyone is impressed with Alesha and I’m starting to like her more than I did for the last 6 months or so.

RELEASED: May 18, 2009


1. Let’s Get Excited (Redzone Radio Mix)
2. Let’s Get Excited (Album Version)



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2 responses to “Single Review: Alesha Dixon – "Let’s Get Excited"

  1. Nikki

    I LOVE the radio edit and didn’t ‘The Boy Does Nothing’ peak at number one? hahah.

  2. [ neu ]

    awesome post +++ some other great new electro-pop tracks at +++ check it!

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