Single Review: Charice – "Note To God"

To be frankly honest, I thought Charice Pempengco (goes internationally as just “Charice”) was just another Whitney Houston copycat that can sing “I Will Always Love You” and “I Have Nothing” on every talk show around the world (which were The Ellen Show and Oprah in the US and even the Paul O’Grady Show in the UK). Well, I guess I’m wrong about her. After she sang “Note To God” which was originally recorded by American teen singer JoJo on her 2006 album “The High Road” on the world’s most watched talk-show “Oprah”, I decided I have to give her a second chance. Even though I’m extremely flattered when she gets impressive accolades from such high-profile personalities, I’m extremely more overwhelmed with this one better than her previous international appearances.

“Note To God” is indeed one of those pop songs intended to be sung by a diva. It’s usually “inspirational” themed lyrics captures the charm of every singer who sings it. Categorically it ranks to those songs like “Footprints In The Sand”, popularised by British Leona Lewis and “Inside Your Heaven”, by Carrie Underwood. It’s melodramatic theme jolts into the emotional core of everyone who hears it. Ethereal in nature, Charice renders the song with much aplomb, charisma and power that it can even bring down the walls whenever she performs it (not literally). This was a perfect choice for a debut single and it could blast Charice to her much deserved fame and recognition. And mind you, she can be the best singer she can be even toppling the vocal abilities of today’s big hitters like Mariah Carey, Leona Lewis and Carrie Underwood.


RELEASED: May 18, 2009 (US only)

TRACK LISTING (Digital Download):
1. Note To God (Single Version)


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20 responses to “Single Review: Charice – "Note To God"

  1. Nikki

    I’ve said time and time again – this girl will lose her voice in the next two years tops. Plus she lacks what JoJo has – a voice beyond her years yet her age. She lacks the refinement and technique, she doesn’t know how to control her voice or even just stop shouting every single song. She doesn’t have a sense of what piano or mezzo-piano is, she just attacks the whole song. You can’t just sing and think that you’ll get away with singing the wrong way.

    Sorry – all my frustrations on this girl just came out. hahah.

  2. Anonymous

    Nikki, Charice was asked in one of her interviews about her singing style because many are of the opinion that she will lose her voice soon, she said that she knows how to take care of her voice.I just hope that she did not lose her voice because I think this girl is good.

  3. Anonymous

    nikki jus shut the hell up will ya!! think before u quack!!

  4. Anonymous

    So, Nikki. Do you think you know better than David Foster?

  5. Anonymous

    nikki charice’s voice is a gift from God and for sure she takes good care of it…..charice has a vocal coach and ma pretty sure they are taking care of it too 🙂

  6. Anonymous

    charice is the best…

  7. diopatra

    she’s been singing since she was 4 years old and how many times people been saying she’ll lose her voice in teo years time. few years have been past, her voice even better. or are you going to make an excuse and extend that two years of yours if that time comes?

    she already have a voice coach so im sure she’s being taught well how to take care of her voice. if you’re not too much “crab” you could have observed that she already toned it down and have a better control of her voice.

  8. Anonymous

    who are you to predict that charice will lose her voice is 2 years time, are you a singer? are you a vocal coach? are you a producer? are you David Foster?, are you Dianne Warren? You dont prove anything, your just a mere poor blogger. People behind charice is the best in the world. do you think they are stupid enough like you to let her do things beyond her capacity?

  9. Anonymous

    frustrations??? …maybe you meant to say JEALOUSY

  10. Harpo

    Poor Nikki is frustrated that her idol Jojo is not getting recognition – the kind of recognition that Charice is getting.

    Okay, you’re forgiven…

  11. Nikki

    I don’t like what David Foster(although I don’t think he’s that good either) is doing to her but I respect what he thinks and what he stands for. It’s my opinion, my brain so I wish you’d learn how to respect that. You think Charice’s voice is a ‘gift from God’ and I don’t – live with it. I’m fine with you liking her and all but don’t say that I’m wrong just because I think she’s destroying her voice.

    I’m not jealous – I just don’t like her. What’s so wrong about having likes and dislikes? What if I told you that you hated someone just because that person is better than you?

    I’ve had enough of this. I’m a blogger and I’ve learned to respect Ken’s views on music but I have my own, thank you very much.

  12. Nikki

    And to answer one of those questions – my family has been in choral and classical music for the past 40 years, my father is one of the most sought-after record producers in the country and I’ve been in one of the best children’s choirs for the past six years. I know my music and I know my technique, give me a sheet of music and I’ll sing you the whole song spotlessly in five minutes.

    I just want to make it clear to you that I’m not oblivious to music – I know my stuff.

  13. Anonymous

    But it ain’t good enough

    still you’re no …

    David Foster
    Andrea Bocelli
    Josh Groban
    Celine Dion (and the list goes on)

  14. Nikki

    Yes, I’m not any one of them but do I have to be one of them just to say what I think? What about you? I should be telling you that but I won’t because I respect your opinion.

    In a world where we’re taught about free speech and respect, what part of RESPECT do you not understand?

  15. Anonymous

    “I have to be one of them just to say what I think?”

    – Nope –

    Its the WHO

  16. Nikki

    I’ve had enough of this – say what you want to say, I don’t care.

  17. Anonymous

    To answer your post Nikki. Yes the girl knows how to take care of her voice. Even David Foster has said that on Oprah – that Charice for one so young is surprising that she even knows how to take care of the gift she has. Because you know why Nikki? Few people have ever been to the place that she’s been – utter poverty, abusive father, etc.etc. This alone made her appreciate the gifts that she has been given by the Lord. And here’s what she said in one interview – not to have vices like drinking alcohol, smoking as these can destroy your voice. And also not to always sing in “falsetto” as David Foster has taught to her is the no. 1 killer of your vocal chords too. She drinks only pure honey to soothe her vocal chords everday. And moreover has the best vocal coach in the industry namely Eric Vetro now. So yes, Nikki, yes. In answer to your question the girl does know how to take care of her voice.
    Jordan Smith

  18. Anonymous

    And as a follow up. For pete’s sake, the girl has been singing since she was 4 years old. The kind of adult diva songs that she’s singing now. And this is to help take care of her family. So technically, with what you’re saying she should have destroyed her voice already by now. But no Nikki, from what I’ve heard of her singing before and now. She’s just getting better and better….And besides, Eric Vetro would have told her to tone down. But no, she’s still singing those high diva songs like nothing. Meaning, even Vetro knows about what Charice is capable of….
    Jordan Smith
    Jordan Smith

  19. Ken

    okay guys. cool down. no one wants to fight here!

  20. Ken

    sorry for the comments guys. the comments will be deleted for everyone’s peace.

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