Single Review: Dizzee Rascal – "Bonkers"

Although Dizee went Dizzy over his single last year lasting for weeks in the top of the UK Singles Charts, It doesn’t mean he is a candidate for one-hit wonder land. He’s back and this time, he’s still getting at the top, which is pretty great because he’s on course to dethrone BEP for the top spot this Sunday (May 24). Having said all of those chart standings, this one doesn’t mean it’s meant to be there at all. It doesn’t sound as impressive as “Dance Wiv Me”. Although Electro-Hip-Hop is quite being a trend now, “Bonkers” doesn’t live to my expectations at all. I’m trying to get this song grow on me but so far, it’s proving to be a failure. I just wish it wasn’t so mixed up and all, it could’ve been a massive song because the lyrics are very interesting but the beat is quite mediocre. It’s like a mash-up gone mad. I just don’t know why.

RELEASED: May 18, 2009



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