Album Review: Laura Izibor – "Let The Truth Be Told"

Laura Izibor maybe still is quite unknown to many of us until you’ve heard her first single, “Shine”. Laura’s “Shine” was used as the main theme song of the 2007 movie, “The Nanny Diaries” starring Scarlett Johansson. And yeah, her song gained popularity over the US but not really getting the emulation it deserves. Over the past 2 years, Laura was working on her debut album under Atlantic Records. And the end result of her struggle is “Let The Truth Be Told” which is a 10 track LP that showcases Laura’s intuitive, soulful vocals filled with much conviction and identity to what this Irish girl can offer.

Most of the tracks off the record are written by Laura Izibor by herself. It features myriads of topics from being optimistic, bidding goodbye to a lover, to pleading not to get back together. Laura’s soulful, jazzy vocals never failed to excel in each of every track in the record giving it with much grace, emotion, and believability to attain such craftsmanship.

The album opener, “Shine” which is my personal favourite, ventures to the sunny, happy side of Laura’s optimistic point of view. Its message is effervescent enough to be influential to everybody who hears it giving them enough hope and optimism. Not to mention its big band feel, “Shine” is an absolute treat. With all of its gleeful attributes it’s a nice way to open up an album filled with a bunch of goodies.

After “Shine”, Laura somehow gives us a bit of sadness unto her following tracks. “Don’t Stay” is an outstanding example of it. The R&B/soul vibe of it is clearly presented with subtle instrumentations warbling over the background. Hearing her sing this song suggests her emotion is quite melancholic. Laura’s vocal ingenuity is still present and is proving to be very, very salient.

Such tracks that show resilience are “If Tonight Is My Last” which musically sounded a like from “Don’t Stay”. It’s a tear-jerker anthem which sounded she’s dying and begging for her loved one to enjoy her last moments on earth. It’s sweet, alluring intro evolves into something heavy and can be quite a big song with violin undercurrents, impenetrable vocal ability and absolutely astounding verses, this song has gotta be one of your favourites too.

“From My Heart To Yours”, which can be heard on Grey’s Anatomy was Laura’s second single after “Shine” in the US but unfortunately, it also failed to grab much attention. Anyways, “From my Heart To Yours” opens in a jittery paced intro that somehow is the closest resemblance of the opener, “Shine”. It’s a song about expressing someone’s love in a very sincere way. It’s believable enough, and can be a possible breakthrough single for her.

Laura’s amazing vocal ability is very convincing on each track on the album. Soulful, charming and really impressive vocal riffs, range and quality should be given credit to her. Her vocals are very distinguishable and unique in a perky way. This album never failed to give credit to those qualities. It’s a clear statement of Laura’s unbelievable vocal talent, craftsmanship and artistry. It compels every listener to like her music. It’s irresistible charm and pure talent is worth the money for.

RELEASED: May 18, 2009


STAND –OUT TRACKS: “Don’t Stay”, “Shine”, “From My Heart To Yours”, “If Tonight Is My Last”



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2 responses to “Album Review: Laura Izibor – "Let The Truth Be Told"

  1. Paul

    i’ve been interested in laura for a while but she sort of fell under the radar for me for a while. i will definitely be checking out her new album though after your thoughtful review 🙂

    PS did you see the widget of the Little Boots album at ?!?!

  2. Ken

    Yeah. I’m placing it on the sidebar later. 😉 woot!

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