Weekly Updates: Rip up the place if you want it. + UK Midweeks

Well. You’re in for a treat. It’s Wednesday and It’s my weekly update moment. At least for me, it is indeed a moment. I’ve been busy the whole day yesterday and I never had the chance to go online. For me, not going online for a day is like not even tooth brushing. But that is beside the point. Well, I’ve wrapped up some reviews over the past weekend and I’m posting it soon.

Here’s what’s up this week:

  • Recommended albums for June are up on the sidebar this week.
  • Single of the Week belongs to: “Paolo Nutini – Candy”. I’ve been not paying attention to him than I should. His new single is a grower on me even If I had it like a month ago. It’s not usual for me to unlike singers like Paolo and James.
  • Album Review for Daniel Merriweather’s “Love & War”
  • Album Review for Little Boots – “Hands” (fortunately)

And some random rantings:

  • The midweeks for the UK singles are up: Agnes’ “Release Me” is on course for a top 5 debut this Sunday. Hopefully, it gains sales and zoom up.
  • Little Boots’ “New In Town” is just outside the top 10. – Arrgh. Hopefully she can zoom into the top 10 in midweek time.
  • The Veronica’s “Untouched” is also just behind Bootsie. I wonder if it will inch closer to the top 10.
  • And The Saturdays’ video for their 5th single “Work” has arrived. If only Girls Aloud have been fiercer than this, they would’ve had cracked the top 10. Sorry GA, looks like The Saturdays are workin their stuff effectively. I hope this single will grab a chance to go top 5 or even #1. I think it’s time for these girls to have a #1 single right? and the video?

source for the UK midweeks are provided by DigitalSpy.co.uk



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3 responses to “Weekly Updates: Rip up the place if you want it. + UK Midweeks

  1. Nikki

    Isn’t the video absolutely brilliant? This better get to number one – the girls so deserve it.

  2. James

    I can’t wait for Daniel Merriweather’s album. Is it great?

  3. Ken

    Re: Nikki

    I agree. This is the time for a number 1 for The Saturdays.

    Re: James

    Yeah. The review is up.

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