And why the hell this looks like this? + video

This is said as the new Lady GaGa single cover for “Paparazzi“.
“Paparazzi” is Lady GaGa’s third UK single after the #1 “Poker Face”. “Paparazzi” was chosen instead of “LoveGame” because of the latter’s verbal obscenity.  “Paparazzi” is out on July 6 in the UK and the video premieres next week on Channel 4. And why the hell this looks like this? I hate it. “LoveGame” should’ve been released instead.
*source: DigitalSpy
The video (credit MuuMuse)



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3 responses to “And why the hell this looks like this? + video

  1. Nikki

    I don’t know, I’m over Lady GaGa – she’s far too famous here for me. I hate it when the only songs the people here know are the ones on the MIT20(is it still called that? I gave up on it months ago.) or the ones that are so three months ago in the US.

    Lady GaGa is the perfect example. I actually sneaked ‘Just Dance’ into a medley I made for this school thing a few months ago and nobody knew what the hell it was – I don’t think they even liked it but once it hit number one in the US, it was suddenly the biggest thing since anything.

  2. Ken

    Yeah. People here are kinda late right?

    I’m soon gonna be over with GaGa. I hope it will be soon enough.

  3. Paul

    i was over gaga before she even begun. To me she just ripped off Wynter Gordon’s Surveillance and peppered the rest of her tunes with barely disguised “tributes” to Gwen Stefani, Fergie and Nelly Furtado. Hideous.

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