Boybands are defo back!

Boybands are defo back! Here’s JLS performing their debut single “Beat Again“. For those who are still ignorant about them. They’re the runners-up in last year’s X-Factor (they lost to Alexandra Burke). Their single is out on July 13, 2009. Quite a long time eh?
Anyways, kudos to Nikki (PopReviewsNow) for letting me know about this. Love love love. 
And review for VV Brown’s “Shark In The Water” is postponed (at least for now). Her single has been pushed back again to July 6, 2009. Hello???


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2 responses to “Boybands are defo back!

  1. Paul

    You mean you didn't check out the low quality fan filmed it on the tv music channel version i linked on my blog 🙂 It was gorgeously hilarious! I'm really REALLY warming to this song. Aces

  2. Ken

    haven't been reading your blog until I posted the video. I'm quite busy yesterday. Haha.

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