Little Boots – "Hands" (Pre-Review)

Well. One word for now: PHENOMENAL.
I’m ecstatic about this and I’m in the process of contemplating about the review of the album.
You just don’t know how glad I am as of the moment.
Watch out for a full review of the album next week. 
RATING: 4.5/5 (this might change)
Key Tracks: “Remedy”, “New In Town”, “Symmetry” 
UK RELEASE DATE: June 8, 2009
12″: June 10, 2009


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3 responses to “Little Boots – "Hands" (Pre-Review)

  1. Mel

    I'm writing a review as well. Can't wait to hear what you're thinking too.

  2. Ken

    Oh. Great! It's nice to hear other bloggers opinions in something they particularly like. :)) Can't wait!

  3. Paul

    it's an amazing album. Loving it loving it loving it. So H-Amazing!

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