Hate GaGa for this.

I don’t know why but she’s really letting me down these days. Now she’s teamed up with Canadian Indie band “The Midway State” in their new single “Don’t Give Up”.

I’ve loved Midway State before [HERE] but I’m quite not sure with this one. It’s kind of getting me annoyed in a very angsty way. Hear for your own disappointment.

And have yourself a good, guilt-free download:
DL: The Midway State feat. GaGa – “Don’t Give Up”



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3 responses to “Hate GaGa for this.

  1. Nikki

    She's gotten way too overrated and overplayed these days. I tend not to care about her anymore like a lot of other extremely annoying pop stars with boring, recycled songs that everyone seems to worship to death.

  2. Paul

    it's time to move onto the lovely wynter gordon!

  3. Ken

    Re: Nikki
    Yeah. She'll be gone in a year or two anyways.

    Re: Paul
    Oh. I love that Flo-Rida song. Wynter is in for me.

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