The new Colbie Caillat song is cute.

Okay. I’m quite happy about this song but not ecstatic and overly hyped as I am with Pixie. The song’s cute and has a nice ambience to it that can compare to Colbie’s first release. It’s a bubbly, summery anthem that speaks about being in love. What a cliche. Anyways, I’m still happy with the result and greatful for Colbie’s music. It’s refreshing and is a nice way to spend your long summery nights. The single is out soon and is off from her new album “Breakthrough“. Even though I’m not happy about the whole idea of the song, I’m sure it’s a potential hit.

DOWNLOAD: “Fallin’ For You” (Promo ONLY, buy her single!)
RATING: 3.5/5



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2 responses to “The new Colbie Caillat song is cute.

  1. J.Mensah

    Awww, this is nice! I really loved her first album, Coco–especially "Feelings Show," and "Bubbly." This first I've heard about Caillat releasing a new album, thanks!

  2. Anonymous

    Does anyone know when Fallin' For You is going to be released in the UK?

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