Something I’ve wanted recently but feels forever.

alas. One of the few things I’ve wanted recently but it feels like I’ve wanted this forever.
The CD has been listened for the first time.

PRE – RATING: 4.5/5
KEY TRACKS: Quicksand, Cover My Eyes, Colourless Colour




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3 responses to “Something I’ve wanted recently but feels forever.

  1. Yuяi

    This is a brilliant album. I would almost say 5/5! I am very impressed with La Roux and think "Bulletproof" is masterful.

  2. Ken

    Yes. I totally agree. I don't like to compare this one with Little Boots' because they totally have different sounds. I'm loving both of them! I think both albums are phenom!

  3. Paul

    i wonder if Michael will scupper her chances of a number one this week? I can't imagine she will be too annoyed if he does :/ I am yet to hear the album but i must say that Bulletproof is doing much better with me than In For The Kill. But all those 80s synths? I know how kids of the 60s felt now when Shakin Stevens came out with 60s inspired Green Door in the 1980s!

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