Album Review: La Roux – "La Roux"

There are loads of artists lined up for the ‘Ones To Watch’ lists this year but unfortunately only a ‘few’ of them actually lived up to the expectations. One of them is the electro-pop synth duo La Roux. La Roux is composed of the enigmatic tandem of Elly Jackson and Ben Langmaid. So far, their second single was a mere success hitting an impressive #2 for a month in the UK Singles Charts and their latest single, ‘Bulletproof’ becomes the duo’s first ever #1. Now they’re ready for the release of their compiled debut effort, their much anticipated self-titled album is out now.

Opening the whole show is the second single ‘In For The Kill’ which lives up to the expectations of the whole LP. It’s fast paced race anthem feel is certainly a nice way to open up an album full of eccentricities and their solid effort to pull up a revival of 80’s pop dance music.

Following up “In For The Kill” is the tingly “Tigerlily” which slowly negotiates its way to prove that there’s some sort of a pattern of identity between tracks. Impressive keyboard runs and fulfilling basses came to life with Jackson’s queer vocals. The track somehow poses a dark, angsty theme flowered with an interlude ala ‘Thriller’.

Trying to live up to the much imposed ‘array’ of sounds is the should’ve gone #1 ‘Quicksand’. Officially released as their first single last December, ‘Quicksand’ didn’t grab much attention back then. If going to be traced, this is supposed to be the mother of all themes in La Roux’s LP with Jackson’s eery falsettos and 80’s dance music samplers. Having said that, ‘Quicksand’ remains to be the highlight of the album even though ‘In For The Kill’ gets the credit. ‘Bulletproof’ on the other hand, is also a treat which features restlessness beats and earth-shattering angst as delivered by Elly in the video.

Breaking up the pace is the orientally inspired track ‘Cover My Eyes’. Surprisingly, the track is all slow and subtle giving the duo a chance to show some variety. We wouldn’t like an album whose tracks are equivocally recycled for the sake of artistry right? Even though it breaks free from almost all the tracks in the album, it’s still commendable in myriad ways.

After ‘Cover My Eyes’ broke the pace, many tracks have eventually shown some effervescence and delight with more songs incorporated with heart-thumping basses, laser inhibiting undercurrents and a spectra of amazing synthesisers the album doesn’t disappoint. ‘Reflections Are Protections’, ‘Growing Pains’ and ‘Fascination’ attests to that.

In the end, La Roux screams of their music to be heard. An indeed fascinating and culminating experience, the album proves of a long term career for the both of them. But there’s something telling me that they can become boring overtime. Earning the right to be listed in ‘Ones To Watch’ this year lists isn’t the right accolade to belong to, hence they should be placed as ‘One Of The Best Acts’ this year. And as far as we’re concerned, they’ve already called their shots as a possible runaway winner for ‘Album of the Year’.

RATING: 4.5/5

RELEASED: June 29, 2009

KEY-TRACKS: “Quicksand”, “Bulletproof”, “Cover My Eyes”



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5 responses to “Album Review: La Roux – "La Roux"

  1. Anonymous

    This album is outstanding. I agree that La Roux is one of the best acts to come up this year… I don't like 'Quicksand' though.

  2. Mike

    Great review. I'm looking forward to hearing the album!

  3. rcLoy

    Great review! I love the fact her vocal is so different and unique from the music scene these days.
    I don't dig Quicksand the 1st time and still don't dig it now. I love In For The Kill and I'm Not Your Toy tho.

  4. Adem With An E

    I'm LOVING "Tigerlily" and "Colourless Colour." Great review, ps.

  5. Ken

    RcLoy: 'Quicksand' is still amazing for me. Haha.

    Mike: You should ASAP.

    Adem: Yep, Tigerlily is growing on me and 'Colourless Colour' is flawless. 😀

    Thanks for the comments guys.

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