Kristinia DeBarge – "Future Love"

Since releasing the tongue-in cheek girly dance anthem, “Goodbye”, my adoration for Kristina never failed to deminish. She’s over flowing with sassiness that I saw during my exaltation with “Kimberly Cole”. Now, with just weeks away from the much anticipated release of her debut album under the supervision and creativity of the ‘legendary’ Babyface. Kristinia is up for the release of her second US single titled “Future Love”.

“Future Love” deviates from the sassy sounds of “Goodbye” and produces a much more pop-ballad sound. Talking about the possibility of love, her voice just shines through the entire track. It’s effortlessly delivered with glamour and style which solely enunciates Kristinia’s worth of stay in the music industry. Slowly but surely, this girl has a long way to go.






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  1. Basty

    Varsity Fanclub did this first? I think? 😐 I like VFC's version more.

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