New Singles : Jordin, Jade Ewen, Arctic Monkeys…

Hey there, I’m currently on a state of massive inhibition so I can’t write as much as I’d like to. Next week is going to be very difficult for my personal life so please bear with me.
Anyways, I’ve scrobbled up some few tracks that would most likely to catch up your attention in the next few days or weeks to come.
Jordin Sparks – “S.O.S.”
I’ve been a fan of Jordin from the very beginning, but I became a full-pledged fan of hers upon the release of the massive hitting “Battlefield”. The new single, “S.O.S” doesn’t impress me as much as “Battlefield” did. I somehow find the song a bit lame in terms of lyrical composition and of much resemblance to the ridiculous Jo Bro’s of the same title. She seems a little bit desperate to sound like Britney in some parts but of course, her voice is still magnificent. “S.O.S.” doesn’t have great chances of hitting #1 as far as I’m concerned but I’m sure upon the release of her much anticipated album, “Battlefield”. We’ll surely regain consciousness about Jordin’s sense of artistry.
Sugababes – “Get Sexy”
I have to admit, I never get excited whenever the Sugababes has a new material coming out. But I also have to admit, “Get Sexy” might be the first exception. It’s a cute sassy electropop song that might have close resemblances to the sounds of “Rihanna” or even “PCD”. I’m guessing of a much raunchy and provocative video for this single although it won’t be appropriate if it is the other way around right? It’s a good, catchy single but not as impressive as what we’ve heard from them since the early 2000’s.
Arctic Monkeys – “Crying Lightning”
It’s been quite a while since I’ve last heard of these guys (2007?). Lead singer Alex Turner has been doing some sidelines over the past year, ever heard of “The Last Shaddow Puppets”? Well, the new single “Crying Lightning” isn’t as much as what I would expect to be a new single but It’s still a good choice. The chorus is catchy enough to be in contest for a #1 single. It isn’t as amazing as “Brainstorm” but still captures classic Arctic Monkeys sound with some help from ala La Roux’ synths cascading the background. Good thing they’re slowly getting into top 10 with this one!
VV Brown – “Shark In The Water”
As Digital Spy described “SITW” as a “Killer single”, It became truth to me that she’s one of the few artists that quite lived up to be a singer with her own identity. “Shark in The Water”, the new single proves to VV’s versatility. Producing such retro dance tracks such as “Crying Blood” and “Leave”, “SITW” provides a heavy, emotional background to VV’s queer vocals. It’s catchy enough and instills a high possibility of a breakthrough point in VV’s career, all in a while her new album “Travelling Like The Light” is out next week.
RATING: 4.5/5
Jade Ewen – “My Man”
After ridiculously humiliating herself in Eurovision 2009 (not literally) with the ridiculous song “It’s My Time”, Jade Ewen surprises us with a sassy Pop / R&B track called “My Man”. Her voice definitely belongs to these kinds of music and can excel even better. I do think, it can sound something The Saturdays’ would sing but it definitely has a groove only Jade Ewen can provide. Cute, bubbly, fierce – these are the words best to describe the song. Amazing in pure sense and I’m sure it can catapult Jade’s slum career even though I do think “Pop” hasn’t been a favourite amongst the Brits so far. The single is due on September by Polydor.
RATING: 4.5/5

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