Alexblandra is back!

Last year’s winner of 2008 X-Factor, Alexandra Burke is back with her debut major album single. It’s titled “Overcome”. It’s off from her debut album slated for a September / October release this year. The song was originally demoed for Leona Lewis’ second studio album but was eventually given to Alexandra.
Going back to the song! I knew it all along that Alexandra would release something ala-Leona at the beginning. I mean, she can sing anything right? There’s no comparison needed between the two because they each have their own identities (I think.). Anyways, the song sounded like a song done by Anastascia titled “You’ll Never Be Alone” which is good, I think. Having said that, the song really is in inclination to something produced by Ryan Tedder. Heavy beats, big choruses and of course overpowering bridges that would penetrate deep within your senses. I just wish Alexandra would dare to go to release something upbeat and deviate from releases from past X-Factor winners, Leona and Leon. Everybody knows she can sing amazing upbeat songs and can pull it off with flying colours.
In summary, I’m quite disappointed with the turn-out of the single even though I’m impressed with it. I’m still curious about her debut album but not going “GaGa” over her debut single. Maybe the next single would be a ‘killer’ one. “Overcome” is a good song but not that great, even though she may not impress ‘others’ with this, I’m sure there will be blood between Leona and Alex whenever they decide to release their materials close to each other.
RELEASED: TBA (please feel free to correct me if my information isn’t right, whether it’ll be the debut single or not.)




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3 responses to “Alexblandra is back!

  1. Anonymous


  2. Paul

    I'm really not feeling this song. JLS were the real winners for me. Beat Again is much more exciting. Mind you having said that, I thought i would be bored with Leona and I quite like her now.

    Apparently Alexandra is getting down and dirty with one of JLS. Mark my words this will be all over the net soon!

  3. Ken

    me too. It's getting too Leona for me. Beat Again is fab and I think JLS can step it up this time. I hope their single does good in Sundays' charts.

    BTW, who among the boys? I'm curious.

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