Weekly Updates: Why does love always feel like a Battlefield?

  • Yes, this week has got to be one of the finest weeks I’ve had since the start of July (Music-wise).
  • Unfortunately, Jordin Sparks‘ second LP, “Battlefield” has leaked onto the internet. It’s sad because the official release of the album is going to be until next week, July 21. For her sake, Imma be a better citizen by buying her album before reviewing it.
  • Jade Ewen‘s second single, first from her debut album “My Man” has been tremendously playing on my iTunes for the past few days now. I’m still curious about what’s her album going to sound like or will we hear many generic “Pop” tracks or mear disappointments? Watch out for updates on her career for the next few weeks.
  • UK midweeks updates: JLS is still on course for a number 1 debut this Sunday. Seriously, I’m utterly happy for these guys. Although they didn’t win the title, they truly deserve their number 1 fate. “Beat Again” was a pop success and should place boybands back on the map. They’ve been gone for a while now right?
  • VV Brown’s album, “Travelling Like The Light” is also out. I don’t know why but I haven’t had the urge to review the album. Maybe because most of the tracks haven’t grown on me. I’ve been listening to her CD for quite awhile now.
  • Finally, I’m having the chance to write something about Shakira’s latest release, “She Wolf”. For me, it’s Shakira’s best and I love the fusion of the electro-retro elements into the song. It’s sure is on its way to rake up the charts when it is released. BTW, xolondon twitted that the single was available for FREE download in the US for a day yesterday. Wonder how many downloaded it?
  • The most awaited release (ahem!) for Mariah Carey‘s latest trash “Obsessed” video has been released. To be honest, my love for Mariah’s music has floated since she began singing “Touch My Body”. Tsk tsk. Epic failure, again. The video is posted below.
  • The next single for British pop star, Pixie Lott will be “Boys & Girls“. It’s very Sugababes-ish and I haven’t placed my interest for it yet. Will this be another #1 single for “La Lott”?
  • Boots‘ update: “Remedy” is the next single and I’m happy about it.
  • Upcoming reviews for the rest of the month and next month are:
  • Florence + The Machine – “Lungs”
  • VV Brown – “Travelling Like The Light”
  • Arctic Monkeys – “Hambug” (depending whether I like it or not.)
  • Jordin Sparks – “Battlefield”
  • and some random Single reviews.

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One response to “Weekly Updates: Why does love always feel like a Battlefield?

  1. Paul

    In this day and age, Jordin's probably lucky that it didn't leak earlier 😛 Surprisingly despite my love for Battlefield, I'm strangely unexcited about the album.

    Yay for JLS though. It seems boyband mania has struck again. the real winners of x factor celebrate their first number one proper (Hero doesn't count!)

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