DAILY BEAT: Martin Solveig feat. Dragonette – "Boys & Girls"

As you’ve noticed, “Daily Beats“. In relation to the outstanding trend set by the lovely PJ, I’m posting random tracks that I’ve loved in a day. It might not be that regular but I’ll be catching up once in a while. Enjoy bitches!!! also a shout out to MuuMuse (not to be confused with “Daily B”)

I know I’m quite late on this one. But I’ve just appreciated the song and I’m glad I had it. It’s groovy dance retro pop theme is making me tic every time I hear it. Plus, amazing vocals lent by the amazing Dragonette. If this song is shared to more audiences of the world, I’m sure it could end up in one of those “SUMMER ANTHEMS” celebrated by people in the western hemisphere of the globe. Shocking electro pop hypes and marvelous dancy beats, Martin Solveig has hit it with this one. And this could also be in my playlist for a long period of time now. Listen to it, it could change your perception about PARTYING.

and I can’t wait for its REMIXES which should / will be AWESOME.

RATING: 4.5/5


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One response to “DAILY BEAT: Martin Solveig feat. Dragonette – "Boys & Girls"

  1. Paul

    PJ has been very amazing of late. This song is very decent too. I really like it. I'm ready for a new Dragonette album and world domination (for them, not for me. That will have to wait while i perfect my "attempts" to be funny 😛 )

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