DAILY BEAT: Erik Hassle – "Don’t Bring Flowers"

Erik Hassle has been one of Sweden’s greatest contributions to Pop music. With his debut single, “Hurtful”, I’m effortlessly blown away by this Swedish lad. He defo reminds me of the old Robbie Williams with a bit of an edge. He doesn’t look like your ordinary pop idol. He’s with the big o’ curly hair but with an unbelievable voice. His debut album had been making airwaves since its release earlier this year, now he’s trying to break in the British music scene with his debut single, “Don’t Bring Flowers” will be released on August 24th.

“Don’t Bring Flowers” isn’t my ordinary taste for his debut single in the UK. “Hurtful” or “Love Me To Pieces” would be a better choice but I happen to like the song. Not that much as same as the first two but It’s convincing me of a potential hit. I’m still skeptical about the performance outcome of the song in the UK. Will it be received well by the audience? One thing’s for sure now, this guy has a lot lot more to offer, maybe if he could promote the song, he could end up having the same success as her fellow Swedish artist, Agnes had when she released “Release Me” and went in the top 3.

RELEASED: August 24, 2009




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4 responses to “DAILY BEAT: Erik Hassle – "Don’t Bring Flowers"

  1. rcLoy

    I love this. It's so different yet so nice.

  2. Paul

    *allegedly* though i'm still unsure, this is the first single in England!! But who knows… i like it in a "it's great to listen to when it comes on but i don't always seek it out way" possibly because it's one of those albums i'm enjoying more as a whole set of work than picking out individual songs. It's clinging on in my top 21 songs though and has been for a while 🙂

  3. J.Mensah

    WOW Ken, this isn't bad! I really like the chorus. I'll admit I wasn't too adamant on listening after I saw the cover. (me and my judgemental ways).

  4. Anonymous

    Interesting that you're mentioning Agnes together with Erik Hassle.

    Well, here they are together in an amazing Marvin Gaye duet on Swedish Radio:

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