DAILY BEAT: Girls Can’t Catch – Stop [B-Side]

It’s time for another edition of Daily Beat and this time, it comes from British Girl Group, “Girls Can’t Catch”. It’s the fabulous B-Side to their incoming top 20 hit, “Keep Your Head Up” released last Monday.

“Stop”, is shockingly that infectious and I’m quite surprised that it’s just a B-Side. As we all know, some of the best songs of certain artists are their B-sides and this is another proof of that. At first, I’m quite thinking that it might be in similar to the Spice Girls’ old hit of the same name but I’m actually surprised about its quality. A 3 and a half-minute electro pop slow stomper, it’s fresh and definitely better than their single, “KYHU”. The girls sing with much attitude like strutting poses on a runway. To be honest, Girls Can’t Catch are quite proving a certain attitude setting themselves away from other Fascination Girl Group giants such as Girls Aloud and The Sats. They’re much dirtier and much ragged compared to squeaky clean girl next door attitude portrayed by other girl bands. I hope they’re on the right track and they beat Dolly Rockers. LOL.

Take note of the Girls’ impressive vocal range.

RATING: 4/5 RELEASED: August 3, 2009 (Alongside Keep Your Head Up)


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