DAILY BEAT – Jessie James – "I Look So Good (Without You)"

After giving us the undoubtedly sexy and sultry “Wanted”, American R&B/Pop singer, Jessie James is back with her second single titled “I Look So Good (Without You)”. It’s released last August 4, 2009 on iTunes and will preceed the release of her self-titled debut album on August 11.

“I Look So Good (Without You)” is defo a bit too far from her first single. This time, she goes a little bit mellow and produces a sweet but still heavy ballad that shows her “egotistic” side. The song’s practically about standing tall and proud after a break-up and giving herself assurance of being strong and unaffected about her tragic past. The theme is a bit cliche but the effort is evident. There’s so much nice vocal chops coming from the beautiful lady. She’s awesome and charming in myriad ways and I’m pretty sure if given the chance, she could stay for a while in the ever evolving and much changing music scene.


RELEASED: August 4, 2009 (iTunes)




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2 responses to “DAILY BEAT – Jessie James – "I Look So Good (Without You)"

  1. J.Mensah

    I love the new layout!

    I'd never heard of her until, I shall check her out, because you like her so much =]

  2. Mel

    100% agreed — but I loved "Bullet" a million times more and am still bummed it's not a single.

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