A day (about 45 minutes) to remember…

Alas, after decades of waiting and waiting (not really). British girl group, The Saturdays came for a 2 day tour in my home country, The Philippines. It was kind of a short showcase but it was fun (for most parts). I’m kind of pissed about me having my own personal dilemmas that resulted in discrepancies in finally meeting them face to face. I unfortunately forgot to bring a digital camera to capture the most clear moments about the girls’ gallivanting here in Manila. It was kind of unfair cause you have to buy their CD on that moment to have it autographed by the lovely girls. Thanks to my friend, I was able to capture bits of the 45-minute greatness.

Of course, the girls looked stunning with their carefully selected coloured outfits. They sing their tunes with fierce, glamour and of course majestic vocals. They’re absolutely a treat to the senses especially Frankie and Mollie. LOL.

1. If This Is Love
2. Keep Her
3. Just Can’t Get Enough
4. Chasing Lights (Acoustic Version) – BRILLIANT version BTW.
5. Issues
6. Work
7. Up

* I’m not sure about the arrangement of the songs but I must tell, this is not going to be my first and last encounter with the girls. More to come.

(For Residents of The Philippines only) FOR THOSE WHO HAVEN’T WATCHED THE GIRLS, they will be at SM Megamall tomorrow at around 5 pm? Catch them LIVE bitches! 😀

Check out the review of The girls’ debut album HERE. (forgive me for the writing, I’m a newbie there. LOL)


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  1. Nikki

    *raises hand*


    So wait, I have to buy an album I already bought JUST to have them autograph it? Will have to think about that.

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