Album Review: Jordin Sparks – "Battlefield"

Jordin Sparks has got to be one of the idols I don’t expect to see going straight to #1 with a truly remarkable aria. There isn’t much enigma packaged onto her wide-ranged vocals, or at least that I find musing. Fortunately, after hitting the stacks with her world-wide smash-hit with fellow American singer, Chris Brown “No Air”, there are copious amounts of expectations chipped in for this 19 year-old former dreamer. Will she produce another hit? Can she maintain the momentum? -Now, she’s up to those expectations with her sophomore album called “Battlefield”, which is prolly derived from the Pat Benatar oldie. Her first single with the same name has already gone airwaves to the max. It’s practically been playing everywhere you go from the telly, to the radio or even when you’re waiting at a lobby hall for you to be called in. Well, It’s pretty impressive but not so impressive if analysed.

If God gave Modern pop goodness to all pop singers all over the world, Jordin has most likely absorbed huge amounts of it (well, not really). The album’s no Girls Aloud or The Saturdays in solo or something Xenomania, would have gleefully created. Hence, it’s a 52-minute pop furore. It has a wide range selection of potential Ryan Tedder hits, tear-jerker pop tunes and some really good (brilliant) songs packed into it.

To be honest, there is (are) quite some songs as irresistible as the title track presents. “Walking On Snow” is a pretty catchy midtempo tune, with sapid beats and great construction of basses and background accompaniments, it’s a mighty attempt for a second single but unfortunately, it’s not.

Other midtempo bites are “Watch You Go” and “It Takes More” isn’t any spectacular but are good album fillers, although they’re not that boring to be frank. Electro-pop bites such as the 80’s sampled “S.O.S (Let The Music Play)” and the synth-ful “Emergency (911)” are near-okay but doesn’t prove anything new or original.

Apparently, it’s quite noticeable that Ryan Tedder has manipulated some(most) tracks in the album with similar heavy-ish qualities presented with tracks such as “Don’t Let It Go To Your Head”, “Let It Rain” and “It Takes More” can sound very much the same if mixed up. It’s really easy to forget the tunes upon finishing spins. “No Parade”, though was clearly an exception but It’s quite a cliff-hanger especially after the bridge where they have to sing out their lungs with their highest vocal ability – Jordin kind of left me hanging there. In short, the former 3 can be left-over tracks written for Leona or Kelly. LOL.

Tear-jerkers are never out when a pop singer noted for emotional-themed songs. The utterly sobby, “The Cure” is the exact epitome of it. Although critics may find it very cheesy, for me “The Cure” is really an exception, it has a cathartic ambiance that pierces straight to the heart. Having said that, other tracks such as “Papercut” and “Faith” are quite boring when played for a third or fourth time.

Unfortunately, I’ve been deceived by the first play of this album. “Battlefield” is most-likely to be described as a better debut album of Jordin Sparks. There’s still things Jordin has to sort out in order for her to be described as a full-pledged diva. It suddenly feels like she’s fresh from winning Idol but still is a good debut.

RATING: (6/10)

RELEASED: July 21, 2009 (USA)


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  1. Nikki

    We disagree on this album!

    Anyway, it's not your fault I didn't get to see the Sats, I got the e-mail from MCA a few days after you posted the concert details! Didn't get a follow-up e-mail though. Don't blame it on yourself!

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