DAILY BEAT: Paloma Faith – "New York"

Too bad this gal never got the chance to have her share of emulation with her first single, the energetic soulful jazz hype of “Stone Cold Sober” which sadly peaked only at # 17 last June. Now, with her still enigmatic fairy-tale slash pin-up girl style she ventures the music world with her second offering called “New York”. Her debut album may not be out until the last days of September but she truly will be releasing her follow up on September 13. “New York” maybe described at first(upon hearing the title) as a lame travel memoir but this one is an exception. It’s about telling a story about the ups and downs of love delivered with adequate intense passion and sentiment. Paloma surely hits the stacks with this one but only time could tell if the half-spanish songstress can handle Britain’s ever changing music taste. Or will she even put up a fight with the international scene? She maybe fresh but there’s something in Paloma that’s worth waiting for.

Catch Paloma’s second single, “New York” on September 13, 2009 followed by the debut album, “Do You Want The Truth or Something Beautiful?” which will be out on September 28, 2009.

RELEASED: Sept. 13, 2009 (UK)


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