DAILY BEAT: Five For Fighting – "Chances"

It’s been almost a decade since we’ve first lend our ears to John Ondrasik a.k.a Five For Fighting. We’ve first heard the anthemic and melancholic “Superman (It’s Not Easy)” sometime in 2000 and prolly think that he’s a one hit wonder with his follow-ups never got the chance to be released internationally. Now, after 3 years, he’s back with his latest single called “Chances” which will be the first single off from his fourth LP, “Slice” which will be in stores on October 2009. “Chances” is an utterly predictable track but still recommendable. It psychs up to the likes of The Fray with its piano-inflicted verses and chorus. It’s about taking chances, and proves to be very relatable to all walks of life. It’s very pragmatic in terms of production and creative style by the band. Well, so far I’m liking it and so will you. The single is availabe for download NOW.


RELEASED: July 21, 2009 (Download) August 17, 2009 (Video)


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