It’s Basshunter’s new video!

Yes. It’s Basshunter‘s new video for his latest single “Every Morning”. It’s a fresh summer anthem that’s defo going to put Basshunter back in the spotlight.

Catch the single when It’s released September 21, 2009. Followed by his newest album “Bass Generation” which hits stores on the 28th.



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4 responses to “It’s Basshunter’s new video!

  1. Anonymous

    but what happens to her at the end. how can she goe missing like that. will she come back

  2. Anonymous

    How can she go missing?? i think she should turn up and be a prank and has an idea what you were gonna ask anyway and purposes to you instead!! I like your video's with a lovey couple in!!

  3. Anonymous

    Noooooo lol where did she go? x

  4. Anonymous

    I think shes dead nd hell bring out a new remix of now ur gone lol

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