Jay Sean featuring Lil’ Wayne – "Down"

Looks like the Brits are having a great time in producing R&B music right? Okay, this song recently landed on the 6th spot of the Billboard HOT 100 charts.Many of the readers would think, he’s American but uh-oh, he’s in fact British. Yes, you’ve heard me right. At first, his voice might be confused with the guy who sang a part in Lady GG’s “Just Dance” (yes, he’s American) but he doesn’t want to be identified with him right? LOL. Anyways, “Down” is his first North American single release which features contributed vocals (ahem) from Lil’ Wayne.

It is very surprising to see Sean going for a top 10 run in the US aside from he’s quite unknown globally. Unless you’ve been following him since the early 2000’s where he already released 3 albums. I guess the US is where he can breakthrough right? So far, “Down” is a killer club anthem. Groovy, Sexy and absolutely contagious and almost all parts except for the rap which I find very irritating in some ways. Let’s wait until Britain recognises what a fit “lad” Jay is.


RELEASED: June 30, 2009 (US download)

1. Down (Clean featuring Lil’ Wayne)
2. Down (Clean without Rap)
3. Down (Instrumental)


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