Just Jack – "The Day I Died"

After “Embers” sprung out of the blue in the top 40 of the UK charts last March, Just Jack or Jack Allsopp in real life also was sometimes played in my playlist too. After releasing “Embers”, he releases this Hawaiian- acoustic inspired piece titled “The Day I Died”. It may sound a bit too polished, but his lyrics are quite emotional. It doesn’t sound like a person bidding goodbye to everyone to be honest, more like a lame-arse lazy back rantings inspired by a boring day at home. I don’t know about this, but it’s making its careful way up in the charts. “All Night Cinema” was at least outstanding than this. “The Day I Died” doesn’t compare to most songs in the album that should’ve been a single or whatsoever. I suddenly thought that “Doctor Doctor” would have been a better single pick. I don’t think it’s quite moving at all. Please Jack, please don’t let this be the death of your career. Thanks.

NOTE: The single cover is as pathetic as some parts of the song were.

RELEASED: August 17, 2009



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