Leona and JT brought me down

Well, it’s when Leona and JT crossed paths and decided to do something together (not in an uncomfortable way or whatsoever.). Well, the result is a shear unpolished tune with a boring theme. In a way it resembles “Run” inflicted with elements from Rihanna’s “Rehab”. Of course, there’s no JT vocals showing up in the song but he might actually be in the song when it is included in Leona’s sophomore LP to be released this October – November.

“Don’t Let Me Down” is a contributed effort from the British songstress, Jessica Biel’s pet and Timbaland. The song has a signature complement coming from past Timbaland artworks. It has a melodramatic theme with Leona singing about taking up the challenge of being together. It’s kind of sweet but not really your kind of sugar coated pop track. I’m quite scared about the outcome of her second LP if there’s loads of tracks with this kind of pace. It’s not really that impressing but let’s see if there’s more to Leona’s material in the future.

Just search YouTube if I were you. 😀 You’ll find it fo’ sho.


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