Album Review: Calvin Harris – "Ready For The Weekend"

I’m unquestionably in shock when I saw this 2 hours ago while shopping / searching for new CDs. Calvin Harris’ “Ready For The Weekend” is here. But I’m questioning myself, why does LB and La Poux still not here? Even so, I’ve decided to put something up about the album for my own complacency.

“Ready For The Weekend” is CD number two from Scottish Electro-Dance star, Calvin Harris. It’s a follow up from his 2007 smash hit album, “I Created Disco”. Well, the album title sums the whole album up. It’s a party album worth dancing to or worth exalting to. It’s unsurprisingly brilliant in multitudinous ways. His production of smooth, danceable and very pop hits are quite making an impact to the music world. Well, the high chart positions attest to that. “Handbag House” music is quite working for this Scotsman. His anomalous perception of dance music innervates various walks of life to the sense that it unperturbely marks a peculiar moment of arousal when played.

Honestly speaking his best hit ever, “Dance Wiv Me” which was a collab with Dizzee Rascal was unremarkably amazing last year and “I’m Not Alone” signalled his preparation over his latest release. “Ready For The Weekend”, the latest single nevertheless proved anything in particular over the other songs in the album. Its magnificent use of a female vocal is unequivocally commendable but not really that special.

Although there’s loads of things to like about the album, there’s also some serious problems with it. His use of bland instrumentals in 5iliconeator as an ending sounds like a theme off from a medical drama or some sort. Same as that is “Burns Night”. Although I have to say the arrangement is good, it doesn’t relate as to anything most of the tracks had to offer.

Brilliant tracks such as “Flashback”, “Yeah Yeah Yeah La La La” who obviously hadn’t any choice of a title and the electro-pop smash “Relax” is a certain proof of what the album presents as a whole.

Calvin Harris maybe a hit maker but his longevity skills are still questionable up to this point. I think he needs a single that can put his name as a dancepop king not as an artist who pursued some kind of a new genre of electronic music called “handbag house”.

RELEASED: August 17, 2009

RATING: (7/10)

STAND – OUT TRACKS: “Flashback”, “Relax”, “Dance Wiv Me”


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