The Saturdays – Forever Is Over

Well, the Saturdays are back with their new single. Yes, it’s a new single. With only just 2 months after the release of their recently flopped single, “Work” The girls are back with “Forever Is Over”. It’s off from their brand new to be released LP, “Colonial Masses” which i’m totally not sure of the title. Well, the single is a feisty one. With the girls offering most of their vocal abilities which I find very surprising from Rochelle and Mollie BTW. I mean the girls just can’t do a wrong song for christ’s sake. Although I must say Vanessa’s vocals are clearly overpowering the girls’ in the chorus, it’s still a pleasing thing to hear. A nice way to brighten up my Sunday morning, in other terms.

The VIDEO: The girls’ are absolutely stunning in their own sleepwear. The theme’s kinda dark so it clearly correlates the song. And I love Frankie’s new long hair, she’s really gorgeous.

Check out the girls’ single when it comes out on October 5, 2009.


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One response to “The Saturdays – Forever Is Over

  1. Paul

    as i've said on a couple of blogs, I do like it but it's not quite the phenomenal comeback that it should have been and needed to be. Perhaps it will grow on me before it's official release date. I do like the saturdays and want them to do well, but they seem so schizophrenic at times like they can't quite decide what girl band they want to be. Or perhaps i'm missing the whole point, and they can't be pigeon holed at all!

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