The Saturdays delve into Photoshop business (as always)

First of all, I think everyone (except for a few) is digging the new Saturdays’ song, “Forever Is Over”. It’s not out until October 5th yet it’s creating copious amounts of feedback from pop music lovers. The video has leaked last weekend and it proved to be an absolute stunner. But the thing is, the single cover doesn’t correlate with the idea of what we loved about the girls. For the nth time, whoever designed the covers absolutely made use of Photoshop extensively with this art work. For the first time, we don’t see colour coded outfits (or at least something) from each of the girls. Hence, the result was a tragic epic blandness presented all over the place. There’s no sense of emotion floating around the girls’ smerky faces isn’t it? Looks like they’re all itsy bitsy happy about themselves, don’t they? Anyhow, let’s wait and see what the outcome of their comeback single will be. Just ignore the cover, please.

CREDIT: ChartRigger for the picture. 🙂


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One response to “The Saturdays delve into Photoshop business (as always)

  1. tj

    that cover is just fanmade. don't worry. i saw it on a fansite.

    the girls always deliver beautiful single/album covers.

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