Alexandra Burke feat. Flo-Rida – "Bad Boys"

Finally, a new Alexandra single! Her new single,”Bad Boys” premiered yesterday on British radio and I got lucky to have a copy of it. Yes, I’m ecstatic about the fact that Alexblandra (as called by some bloggers) is back with her debut single/ slash second single from her brand new album yet to be named and announced. Unfortunately, it features Flo Rida and I’m thinking they actually placed him in this song to create some buzz / attention to make the song look like something big or something to be listened to. Well, the result is an utter disappointment (melody wise). It’s full of cliche synthesizers and absolutely crap lyrics. Categorically speaking, “Bad Boys” may sound alike with Rihanna’s S.O.S in terms of tempo and the catchiness. Alexandra’s voice was exceptional but the song is just a bore as a whole. There’s nothing special or anything worth “Worshipping” for. It’s a wrong single choice but who cares? I’m sure it’ll rocket to the top of the charts once it is released. Unfortunately, I’m not feeling it at all. I just hope her album has loads of tracks better than this. I’ve got so much expectations from this girl.

And I’ll give it a chance. I promise.


RELEASED: October 12, 2009 (UK) October 9, 2009 (Ireland)



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3 responses to “Alexandra Burke feat. Flo-Rida – "Bad Boys"

  1. Paul

    it's quite good – it's odd because i was expecting to not like this and love the saturdays but it's ended up the other way around! Sheesh. HATE the FloRida addition and hate her gym knickers outfit she has on. Hideous.

  2. J.Mensah

    Paul said everything I was gonna say, and lol @ the gym knickers. =]

    I really like it-but I do agree it's not anything worth worshipping though, I hope it grows on you.

  3. Ken

    Re: Paul and J.Mensah
    I'll get along with ya'll SOON.

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