Single Review: Leona Lewis – "Happy"

Yes. It’s the new Leona single, we’ve all been waiting for. But it’s set to premiere this Sunday on BBC Radio 1 but unfortunately, it leaked a day before the world radio premiere. It’s titled “Happy” and it’s the first single off from the second album “Echo”. In earlier news, the leaked collab with JT “Don’t Let Me Down” was rumoured to be the first single but BBC Radio confirmed the track via their chart blog a couple of days back.

In terms of heaviness, “Happy” can rank into the likes of Leona’s former hit “Bleeding Love”. Of course, it’s co-written by OneRepublic frontman, Ryan Tedder. It sounds a bit too signature Ryan Tedder but I’m quite not sure if there’s any change from style coming from Leona herself. It might be too safe to say that it just sounds like some lame Ryan T. production given to Leona and Syco Music chose it as her first single. At first listen, this might sound good. Just good.

After 4-5 listens…

It can sound very outstanding to the point you forget all of the cliche that was mentioned above. Leona’s back and I’m happy with the result. Although I disagree on the arrangement. The single as a whole is brill. Although there’s no chance of comparing this to Alexandra’s “Bad Boys” which shouldn’t be an idea after all.

Great choice Simon. Great choice.

RELEASED: September 6, 2009 (UK Airplay), September 15, 2009 (US Digital Download), November 9, 2009 (UK CD single)

RATING: (4/5)




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3 responses to “Single Review: Leona Lewis – "Happy"

  1. Nikki

    I'm not THAT impressed but then again, I've never been a Leona fan. It's OK – has the potential to be epic and it sounds like what Leona has become.

    BUT it'll be a hit whether I like it or not. hahah.

  2. Paul

    The web rip sounds a little bit like a demo to me, but i'm "happy" with it overall, if that turns out to be the overall sound. Very Bleeding Love Part 2, but is a great pop song and shows how little the Alexandra single showcases that singers voice…

  3. Anonymous

    i love more laura white watch her video you should have known on youtube officiallaurawhite channel
    love leona too!

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