Single Review: Cheryl Cole – Fight For This Love

Looks like there’s loads of premieres set for this week huh? We had Leona and then there’s Cheryl. Cheryl Cole — who wouldn’t forget the first Girls Aloud (Britain’s biggest girl group) member to go solo and is being backed by music mogul, Simon Cowell. Her debut single (as a solo artist), “Fight For This Love” premiered Sunday in the UK. Initial words to describe the single is “OKAY”. The reason being is that, I’m quite just okay with it. Nothing worth screaming for ecstasy or actually something worth being shocked or crying to tears because of proud.

Here’s the deal. It sounds a generic love pop song. At first listen, this might be a good single choice for Alexandra Burke but unfortunately Cheryl decided to give it a go as her first OFFICIAL solo single. Unfortunately, it isn’t your typical debut single. I’m clearly not expecting it to be like this for the reason that I don’t believe Cheryl Cole has a potential of being a solo star. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think a lot of people share the same idea as me about her.

The lyrics are not so special. Cliche at some parts with Cheryl singin, “We Gotta fight, fight, fight for this love. It’s worth having for, It’s worth fighting for”. Pretty much a song about Fighting for love as the song is trying to imply. I think “Bad Boys” might be more appropriate for Cheryl’s established image doesn’t it?

RATING: (3/5)

RELEASED: October 19, 2009




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2 responses to “Single Review: Cheryl Cole – Fight For This Love

  1. Anonymous

    Cheryl i love you<3you r fantastic!!!

  2. Anonymous

    it rocks! its happy and upbeat and inspiring! ❤

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