Download This: James Leon – "Purple Heart"

Electro-pop goodness? James Leon’s “Purple Heart” is the perfect answer. The unperturbed strobe lights, magnificent beats and undeniably dancy tune – that’s what make James Leon a genius. The irresistible debut single is finally released last September 7, 2009 and it promises to be a hit in the making if given the right promotion.

If you want to paint the town “PURPLE”, download this tune NOW!!!

for more information, visit:
visit his MySpace too!:

and don’t forget to download the song via iTunes UK!



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4 responses to “Download This: James Leon – "Purple Heart"

  1. Paul

    hurrah! It's proper brillo isn't it and seems to be all over the blogs which can only be a good thing. Proper pleased with this!

  2. Anonymous

    eeww 🙂

  3. Ken

    Re: Paul

    yeah. i'm pleased as well. but I'm currently finding ways to download the song legally.

  4. Ken

    Re: Anonym

    why eew??

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