Album Review: Pixie Lott – Turn It Up (6/10)

The UK turned out to be a factory of female singers to come out with great pop music in the recent years. We have Leona Lewis, Duffy, Natasha Bedingfield, Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen. And now here comes Pixie Lott, the newest addition to Britain’s latest exports. Her much anticipated debut album, “Turn It Up” is released September 14, 2009.

To date, Pixie Lott already has 2 singles under her belt (1 of which became #1 in the UK Singles Charts early June and the other, her current single is quite going to become her second #1 in months). She also has reached up to Asian fans as she performed as far as Malaysia to promote her music.

The album, “Turn It Up” consists of 12 outstanding pop tracks (at least most of them are) that tackle mostly teenage generics issues such as love, happiness, enjoying the club scene and even about being caught by mum and dad having a boyfriend (how cheesy is that?). Unfortunately, prior to the CD’s release, almost all of the tracks have been leaked in low quality over the course of months early this year.

LP opened with the number 1 debut single “Mama Do”. It’s a stunning pop song induced with soulful elements that made it comparable with Amy Winehouse’s “Back To Black”. The song’s catchy bits “Uh Oh, Uh Oh” makes the song likable in more aspects. It’s a solid infectious anthem that prolly sets Pixie’s existence in the ever cataclysmic music industry.

The album also has its own shining moments. The second track “Cry Me Out” is an effortless ballad that induces some elements of a 50’s classic pop song. “Cry Me Out” is a perfect example of how Pixie can sing amazing ballads with her high octave vocals. The sweet sunny ballad “Band Aid” is an excellent song to brighten up a day and the semi-ballad “My Love” which features amazing falsettos from the lass, is equally commendable as well.

Dancy anthems are also present in the 44 minute package. “Turn It Up” formerly titled “The Fall” is a quirky upbeat track that’s basically about giving a relationship a push to the next level. There’s also the second single, “Boys and Girls” which is basically a track that entices all the lads and lasses to dance at a given point.

Even RedOne didn’t escape Pixie Lott’s charm. The result is “Here We Go Again” which correlates to something Lady Blah Blah can sing. It’s infectious beat and magnificent arrangement proves it to be a potential single. So far, this track has got to be a genuine favourite.

Having said all of the positive outcomes of the album, “Turn It Up” lacks a song that would define Pixie’s definition of personality. I guess she lacks the idea of what she wants to become as an artist. There’s too much mixture of styles in the album that almost none of the tracks were comparable to a certain track. The album lacked a certain track that shows originality as an artist and something that would set her apart from today’s biggest pop artist. Pixie’s somehow impeccable, the voice, the looks but she definitely lacks something. Something we’re yet to discover.

RATING: 6/10
RELEASED: September 14, 2009 (Physical UK release, Digital)
LABEL: Mercury Records
STAND-OUT TRACKS: “Here We Go Again”, “Band Aid”, “Turn It Up”, “My Love”


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  1. Anonymous

    This review is dead on point. 'Here We Go Again' is ridiculously awesome.

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