Taylor Swift re-releases ‘Fearless’ includes 6 new songs

Taylor Swift is re-releasing her multi-million selling sophomore album “Fearless“. The American country singer will re-release the album “Fearless: Platinum Edition CD/DVD” which features 6 new songs upon addition to the original tracklisting of the album. The album will also contain a bonus DVD which includes Swift’s music videos, behind the scenes and photos from her “Fearless” tour. The said re-release will also include Taylor Swift’s first ever rap video featuring T-Pain “Thug Story”.

Here is the official track listing of the album. Release date is slated for October 27, 2009 under Big Machine Records.

1-13: Original songs from the standard edition
14. Jump Then Fall
15. Untouchable
16. Forever & Always (piano version)
17. Come In With The Rain
18. Superstar
19. The Other Side Of The Door

Bonus DVD
1. Change (video)
2. Love Story (video)
3. White Horse (video)
4. The Best Day (video)
5. You Belong With Me (video)
6. Love Story (behind the scenes)
7. White Horse (behind the scenes)
8. You Belong With Me (behind the scenes)
9. Fearless 2009 Tour (photos)
10. Fearless 2009 Tour (first show webisode)
11. Thug Story (video



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3 responses to “Taylor Swift re-releases ‘Fearless’ includes 6 new songs

  1. Paul

    hmmm, i'm not a big fan of these album rereleases with a few new songs on (though 6 is quite generous) – why not just go the EP route like Miley did? However, i will take anything that says "piano version" so i'm all excited to hear at least that one now!!

  2. Ken

    I guess she's following Beyonce and GaGa's footsteps releasing platinum edition of their albums. I agree that 6 is quite generous. She could've easily go with the EP strategy but I think it's too early for that.

  3. MandyPandyJack

    i was really hoping that Sparks Fly would be on her rereleased album but at least Untouchable will be on it!!

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